. REAL Space Navigator vast resource allows for efficient hit exploration: from finding previously unknown analogues to scaffold hopping. Instead of using a Tanimoto similarity metric, the Navigator employs pharmacophore-style features which are not tied rigidly to substructure patterns and are more related to the properties. Therefore, the tool provides an escape from availability bias of current in-stock screening collections towards IP free areas.

Amazingly, but chemical space of 13 billion compounds is stored in an archive of merely 20 megabytes, and average search time on a standard PC is between 2 and 4 minutes. Simply download REALEDF在线老虎机 Space Navigator → install & execute to explore 13 billion molecules within less than 5 minutes.

  • the compounds generated are virtual but they are REAL – readily accessible
  • synthesis time is 3-4 weeks with an average success rate of over 80%
  • 13 billion molecules: the world's largest, ultra-fast searchable chemical space
  • search time 2 to 4 minutes on average for a typical lead
  • exceptional scaffold hopping capabilities to explore IP free areas


Download REAL Space Navigator for your platform (Note that at least 4Gb of main memory are required):

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REAL Space Navigator is super-easy to use. Yet, just in case, , as well as an introductory .

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