. REAL Space Navigator is a chemoinformatics software tool generating REAL compounds that are similar to your query structure. This is not a database.

REAL Facts:
  1. Criteria of the REAL compounds: typical amount ordered, <= 10 mg; synthesis time, 3-4 weeks for a set of 100-200 molecules (includes a single experiment, workup, purification, and formatting steps); purity, >90% (accessed by LC-MS).
  2. There are two types of the REAL compounds: “s_” and “m_” compounds assembled via standard or advanced synthetic procedures, respectively. The “m_” REAL compounds also include molecules that require special purification and compound management conditions (chloroacetimides, acrylamides, boronics, etc.). The average synthesis success rate is 80% for “s_” REAL compounds, and 65% for “m_” REAL compounds.
  3. The success rate of >80% is achieved for the random selections of 100+ REAL compounds synthesized within 4 weeks in a 1-5 mg amount. The success rate is typically higher when the synthesis period is prolonged. The success rate and synthesis time may vary for focused selections (i.e. selections of mostly “m” REAL compounds, selections based on the same building block, selections which include the same type of the compounds, etc.).

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